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Quasi CFO

We provide the Strategic Financial Evaluation (SFA) to top management of Startups or SME Companies. We work on Quasi basis, where we provide continuous front & back end support. 

Our solutions are comprehensive and serve as Nervous system of the Organisation with a perspective to take the company from X level (current) to Y level (desired)


We also tend to safeguard the significant costs to Management by substituting their needs with the desired expertise which is coming from Startup Investments, Investors perspective, Top management needs, etc. 


Our services include the following areas:


Setting up of business & financial processes with necessary internal controls in place

Assist in evaluating investments & helps in making you prepare for it (like biz plan, Pitch deck etc.)

Devising Pricing Strategy & conducting cost Variance Analysis

Conducting periodic reviews & devising Financial MISs (internal & external) for better performance analysis 

Evaluating commercial agreements, expansion plans/ Strategic alliances/ partnerships etc.

Setting up of effective Cost structure for better analysis & also framing Accounting policy framework

We also provide service in the areas of Accounting/Book Keeping, GST Compliances, Taxation & Auditing (on demand and as per the requirement) over and above to our core deliverables. 

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